A Conversation with NASCAR Concerning Poles

The radio was playin', Desmond Dekker was singin' on the 43 bus as we climb up the hill...but who needs a bus when you have a super exclusive interview with NASCAR?!?

Fenix: Giant pole, hmmmm.

NASCAR: It's clear, obvious, and certain we are searching for a tall vertical structure. Fenix: Oh, I see. No other potential options for pole? NASCAR: It's probably a telephone pole. Fenix: A giant one? NASCAR: ..or a light pole. Fenix: But what makes it giant? NASCAR: They are tall! Fenix: Exactly....but not gi.. NASCAR: ...Exactly, told you so. Fenix: I once found an interesting connection with Lane and word origin/definition. NASCAR: So what? Fenix: Should we be considering etymology? NASCAR: Of course not. Image matches! Fenix: and the old world connection to China? NASCAR: I'm not connected to China. They made the virus! Fenix: Are you familiar with Taiji? NASCAR: Taichi is for old people. Fenix: It's actually quite interesting, yin and yang is part of it. NASCAR: I found a YING YANG in the NY painting bubbles! Got a tattoo of one too. Fenix: Take a look at this - Taiji (太極) is a compound of tai "great; grand; supreme; extreme; very; too" (a superlative variant of da "big; large; great; very") and ji "pole; roof ridge; highest/utmost point; extreme; earth's pole; reach the end; attain; exhaust". NASCAR: I have checked every flag pole in San Francisco near stairs. It must be in Los Angeles. Fenix: Keep turning left.

...Give 'em the boot...You know I'm a radical

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