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A Recovering Super Group User

After reaching out to Wilhouse, I was introduced to somebody who's goal was to create a super group to solve The Secret. I had already had a brief interaction with "the wiki" and was banned in a couple of hours for challenging authority so I figured what the heck.

At the time, I believe there were eight other members. Three I was completely unfamiliar with and the other five were names I knew very well from my time on Q4T. I was ready to dig back in. This seemed the perfect environment to forward the hunt....but first I needed prepped. Hmmm, okay.

I needed to be taught how all of the puzzles work. There was an overarching methodology. Puzzles appeared in pairs. Methods started out easy to find, progressed in difficulty, until they slowly vanished. Oh, there were also people that we were not to interact with. Former members of the super group who betrayed the powers that be. They created documentaries and slowly spilled their ideas to the masses...or did they? ...and seriously, how could they?

Once I got past the initiation, it was good fun. A solid group of people who genuinely wanted to work these puzzles in a logical manner. Over the next while, a few more members were added and we basically had a presence in most casque cities.

After a bit of time, there was an idea to create a podcast. It was a collective brainstorm that ended in a 12 episode concept. One episode per city, documenting the methods and ideas that have been discussed over the years. It was actually pretty damn cool and I wanted no part of it but everyone can be convinced right?

The 12 episodes were created. A team of two leading the effort and others jumping in on occasion to lend a hand. It was an impressive body of work and those involved should be proud. Unfortunately, tension built and something wasn't right. What happened next, well....


Some of us held on and others moved on but in the end, it was never the same, which lead me here. My dark corner of the interwebz where I can share my thoughts with nobody who cares to listen.

I'm not an addict, it's cool, I feel alive.....

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