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Can You Handle It?

Breathe in for luck, breathe in so deep. While luck may get you started in some puzzles, will it in The Secret? Everything I read or watch in relation to the hunt lately feels so ridiculously convoluted or simply recycled and rebranded. Most recently I caught a bit of a video where one of my Montreal ideas was mentioned and explained incorrectly. So I figured I'd put it out there for reference.

Let's talk about hands in the Montreal painting. There are two things I agree with which have been stated about the hands. These observations are not new and have been discussed since I joined in on the fun nearly 20 years ago.

  1. The configuration of the fingers is not natural.

  2. The positioning implies some form of prayer.

Let's take it a step further. Why would JJP make the decision to paint the hands this way? Perhaps both points above are important. Let's start with the first.

If we look closely at the odd finger positioning, they point at two squares above them. Several years back I noticed the first row contained 9 small squares. Coincidentally, the original Square Mile in Montreal consisted of 9 N/S streets. If we insert those streets into the squares, the fingers point to Drummond and the legeater visual. As we all know, these unique legeater lamps are located in front of the Mount Stephen Club on Rue Drummond. It's no stretch one may arrive at and research the Square Mile given the painting. A marigold, a Dutch master from the Golden Age, and golden squares in abundance.

So, what about prayer could be important here? Churches and steeples? Children's nursery rhymes always lead the pack but I think this may have a much more obvious yet cleverly masked meaning. Perhaps it isn't prayer directly but instead, what people pray for. Salvation anyone?

This air is blessed, you share with me.

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