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Can You Turn Two

I love you 'cause your deuces are wild, girl…Like a double shot of lovin' so fine.

Fairy f*ckin’ secrets come in two. I cannot begin to explain how I hate when people use this to justify some ridiculous thought. Allow me to insert foot in mouth.

I’ve been paying much attention to doubles in these puzzles. Not just me, there are two others. Together, we tend to circle back to this realization. There are lots of pairs, pears? Pardon the puns, it’s seriously not even funny. I recently wrote about lines which are often read one way but a second interpretation can point to a spot or thing. Let’s chat about two of these.

Byron’s bold Boston flex fooled many of us but was there more to it? Feel AT home. I really love the simplicity here but after some searching pairs I started thinking about the home plate in the Charleston painting. An obvious dead ringer for Ft. Sumter and home plate being a simple disguise. Still, we have to note there are two home plates across these paintings. So what about a verse pair?

Scanning the Charleston verse we have another AT line. White house close AT hand. Lots of great interpretations for this line in Charleston. However, what if it’s another twofer? Humor me and picture the Boston painting. If we start at the hand is there something close we can describe as a white house? Sure, can. We have a white home plate on her wrist. The white house(home) is certainly close at hand(wrist).

Coincidence? Probably…after all, Luther Vandross did have the hit song A House Is Not A Home in 1981. Hmfff, fairy friggin' secrets.

And the moral of the story, I can testify…I get stoned on you girl…That's the best reason why.

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