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Can Your Fairytale Come True Two?

Got on a lucky one...Came in eighteen to one

I must admit, the Boston find really was a lucky one. No disrespect to Jason or his negotiating skills. It's just, even after George Ward got all of the data and befriended most of the creators, his explanation of the casque location makes zero sense.

I know it is considered dangerous to talk of other ideas but I started thinking about the Boston painting, its place on the cover, and the most obvious thing depicted in the painting itself. Pretend for a moment you've never seen or heard of The Secret. What is the single most important thing in the Boston painting? Or even...What in the Boston painting do you think may contain treasure? The answer is obvious, the box being opened, emitting a mysterious light.

Boxes and diamonds abound in this painting. We know the casque was buried on a baseball diamond near home plate so why are we not sold on the batter's box(oooh rectangular plots!) being the final location? Ugh, oh yeah, there are two of them. So which is it? Does anyone remember the old Highlights Magazine's, What's Wrong With This Picture? Certain things in the image would be illogical and you had to identify them. Now, look at that leg sliding into home. Anyone in the 80's who went to school and were required to take physical education understands the proper path around the bases. You didn't even have to play baseball but everyone played a game of kickball and learned this. So, diamonds, boxes, and a leg sliding into home from incorrect side. Coincidence the foot is pointing right at one of the two batter's boxes? I think not but choices always were a problem for you... Speaking of choices:

January - Roanoke - Virginia Dare statue in the Elizabethan Gardens or Virginia Dare stone?

February - Milwaukee - Two identical Lion Bridges with two identical lions at either end of both.

March - Cleveland - left or right side of the wall...even front or from the back

April - Charleston - Arms or armaments?

May - Chicago - Fence(weren't there only two halos over L's shoulder?) or fixture?

June - San Francisco - Mary or Union?

July - Houston - In the center of four alike but how about that acrostic? IS TWO

August - Boston - left of right batter's box?

September - Saint Augustine - which of the two Seloy inscriptions?

October - Montreal - which of the two identical legeater lamps at the Mount Stephen Club?

November - NYC - The Statue of...or just Liberty St.?

December - Nola - which of the two identical plots on either side of Gallier Hall?

Yeah, yeah, prolly just another cowinky-dink. Fairy friggin' secrets don't come in...Anybody up for a livestream? I'll validate you baby...hit me up.

I could have been someone...Well so could anyone


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