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Decoding the Month Methodology

What if we told you the months, birth stones, flowers, and immigration theme were not simply used to organize The Secret? How about if we theorized they were the key component to orienting us once we have identified the cities? In this episode of The Secret, Spirits, and Other Shhh...Chris, John, and Phil finally take a step in jewel's direction to prove out a critical piece of the puzzle template. First, find the cities. Second, utilize the month/gem/flower and old world connection to narrow the puzzles to the area of his direction. He being Byron and thankfully after nearly forty years we can finally say his methodology is sound.

Proposed connections and end locations:

Summary of the method:

1. Find coordinates in the images to arrive at the cities.

2. Deduce immigration and month for each puzzle using the Litany of Jewels.

3. Make 2 columns:

-Column A: Everything related to the puzzle's month. (month name origin, gem origins and lore, flower origins and lore, zodiac, month number, everything.)

-Column B: Everything related to the puzzle's immigration. (famous art, famous stories, stereotypes, notable figures)

4. Look for commonalities between these two columns. See if they're supported by other elements of the image. (Pot Marigold & Dutch Golden Age plus a prominently gold image in the style of Rembrandt (a notable Dutch Master) was our example for Montreal)

5. Scour the city for a location that shares the commonality. (Golden square mile to finish the example)

A closer look at the NY location derived with this method:

What John was drinkin', What Chris was drinkin' (triple cas[que]), what Phil was drinkin'

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