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Everybody Loves My Baby...But My Baby Don't Love Nobody But Me

Tennessee Williams wrote, America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland. So I figured why not start with New Orleans? Watching Joe Burrow wrap up what is inarguably the best season ever for a college quarterback was quite special. Burrow lead LSU to the College Football National Championship at the Superdome in New Orleans on Monday and all I could think about was, what a perfect time to dig a hole.

....but I am getting way ahead of myself. In order to dig a hole, a theory should resolve itself to a very precise spot or at least I should hope. Wait, cue the conspiracy theorists. You know, the I can't find it so I will create an overarching excuse, I mean method, which every puzzle must follow or it isn't valid types. I've heard all kinds of fun stories over the years. He didn't bury them all, he only meant to get you close and then you had to submit the form,and even there are no casques - the keys are in the hands of statues. I've never understood why failure leads to illogical behavior when minor adjustments and hard work seem the proven path in life. I remember early on when working this puzzle, I was absolutely in love with Lane, Two twenty two pointing to Tulane University in New Orleans. Perhaps it helped that I was also fond of Here is a sovereign people tying to Montreal. Eventually, the Sarmiento quote was found and logic prevailed. Since then I've seen interesting New Orleans theories in City Park, Louis Armstrong Park, Lafayette Square, and The Moonwalk. I've always had my reasons for liking certain spots but what turns a good spot to an exceptional spot? In my opinion, a couple of things: consecutive, precise clues in the verse and visual confirmation in the same locale from the painting. I find this is also the most effective way of confirming the verse and painting pairings. Please keep in mind that I am not hinting that each puzzle works the same and try not to take consecutive too literally. We already have confirmation that all verse lines are not in order. Can you logically tie one line to another, tell somebody about it and get more than a polite maybe?

Applying this process to the above locations in New Orleans, can we eliminate or rank the areas based on the precision of clues and painting features in their respective areas? Why not do it in person? The Secret Podcast team is having a meetup in New Orleans on March 14th. I would have loved to be there but it's basketball season baby and my son has playoff games that weekend. If you haven't had a chance, check out their work here.

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