Hands Down

Breathe in for luck...Breathe in so deep The only true luck was when I managed to spin up a website a while back with the intent to jot down my thoughts in my own style. Like I totally wouldn't even care when you call me emo due to this song choice cause Carrabba can fucking belt. Yeah, btw, I still cuss like a mofo. So, please understand, when you tell me how many hours you've spent working on the puzzle, I am probably too embarrassed to let you know the true time I've invested and the things I could have done instead. Hell, I likely don't even want to see your new, super cool X's and O's image matchy thingys but I'll suffer through it.

What is that damn cliche? Oh yeah, sharing is caring. I just may have pulled this one off once or twice. But together, a few of us may have even done something special and made progress. Exciting stuff, or so I would think. Though this weekend was eye opening for me. Fun to see how many want to solve these puzzles and how many wish to divert with drama? But, in the end, what does it matter? This blog is about hands... ...so I remind you of Boston. Where you were supposed to "feel", at home plate. Maybe in Charleston's White house close at hand, the White house is close and the casque is at the hand. Between those canons/arms extended and beneath the bar that binds. I'll let you all figure the last bit out as not to give it away. Till then, I will be walking Drummond with my baby. Drama free. Searching and hoping. My hopes are so high, that your kiss might kill me...So won't you kill me...So I die happy Peace(for Robert)...but the below is more me.

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