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Have No Fear - Underdog Is Here

Tell your children not to hear my words. What they mean, what they say... Allow me to keep this one simple and to the point. So many people appear to be moving away from Lake Park as the Milwaukee casque location. It's almost as if the community has taken two steps backwards since JJP and The Secret Podcast were kind enough to explain the Chicago, Cleveland, and Boston solutions. Is it true, the most logical/favorite locations have become underdogs and everyone is rooting against them on Facebook and YouTube? Well, I certainly do not fall into that camp, so can we locate anything in the Milwaukee painting aside from the park shape and lion head which may point to Lake Park? I agree, there is not much there but we do have this prominent cape.

Also a cape.

I see what you did there JJP, very clever. Edit - Our member Rob C. posited, Lake Park technically is more of a bluff than cape. While I do feel the fact both capes and bluffs are promontories, making the words synonyms is enough for a puzzle, he gave me another idea. What is a synonym of juggle??? I'm not bluffin' you!

Can you keep them in the dark for life? Can you hide them from the waiting world? Music - Mother - Danzig

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