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I Don't Like to Brag

...But we're kinda proud of that ragged old flag

April, diamond, & daisy. Arguably the flag puzzle leveraging the proposed month themes. Pirate flags, diamond flags, and a flag which was bound.

Let's start with our infamous Japanese hints:

Line 14-15: Between two arms extended Below the bar that binds This hint is difficult to present. Arm can only be seen as (literal human arms). However, a bar usually means a "horizontal bar", and then followed by binds (tie/connect), so…

"Usually means" stands out to me here. Imagine our translator was hinting, bar usually refers to a horizontal bar but in this instance we are searching for a vertical which ties or connects.

The number of visual white points in this image are far too many for me to ignore White Point Garden. Let's check the monuments with flags! Defenders of Fort Moultrie? Quite the curious story. During the Battle of Sullivan's Island in the American Revolutionary War, Sargent William Jasper retrieved a downed Moultrie flag, tied it to a sponge staff, and supported the flag till a new staff was installed.

To recap, Jasper retrieved and erected the above "freedom" flag during the American Revolutionary War by binding it to a cannon's sponge staff. The monument in White Point references the Palmetto Guard and depicts Jasper holding the bound flag. I propose, we must dig below this bar that binds. But do we dig at the Moultrie Monument or was there another sponge staff between two arms extended?

On second thought, I do like to brag...'Cause I'm mighty proud of that ragged old flag.

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1 Comment

Aug 13, 2021

"Because of Jasper's heroism, Governor John Rutledge presented him with his personal sword, and offered him a lieutenant's commission. He did not accept the offer to become an officer, saying that he would only be an embarrassment since he could neither read nor write. He was also presented with two silk flags by Mrs. Susannah Elliott." Could two silk flags be fair remuneration for Jasper's flag mending/holding? 😁

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