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I now pronounce you wed

Wed one image to a verse. But how?

We're given a month. And with that month a flower and a gem.

But this one is simple. Stop at the month.

Image 11 is August. Image 11 is Italian. Caesar Augustus of the Roman Empire? Nice, Italian immigration tie. But what does that do for us?

Where else does Augustus rear his head in this puzzle? Maybe if the next Augustan age is to come... the concept Walpole ventures in the possible quote referenced in Verse 3.

Looks like we do indeed have the right quote and the right verse!

Now we need to get to the area of Thucydides direction.

If in Walpole's Augustan age, Thucydides is in Boston when Xenophon is in New York, Thucydides is indeed north of Xenophon. So now we just need the area of his direction.

His direction is North.

Boston conveniently has an area named that direction and is written in the image.

Web complete.

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