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It is more than possible; it is probable!

I had an unexpected change of perspective today.

Always on the mind:

A. Why these end areas?

B. How to find a 6" square using these puzzles?

C. and Lately; evidence Fenix found that 'math' is actually referenced by name in a verse.

I've been a strong proponent of 'Byron had no idea what he was doing. He was not a puzzle master and had no idea how hard it is to dig up a box. That's why these end points suck and these are impossible.'

But today, for some reason, I had a complete shift. What if it's the absolute opposite?

He's not bringing us to cool spots, vistas, or significant end points. That's been fairly proven at this point. Family time does not appear to have been on the mind. So why these locations? It would seem he's actually bringing us to end points that he can best make into puzzles pointing to a 6" piece of land. A gridded area in Chicago, a baseball diamond with easy orientation, an identifiable planter with easily countable stones. Heck, isolation with which to work on the puzzles once on site even seems to have been accounted for.

Byron was a smart guy; we know that.

I'm beginning to believe he might have over thought this whole thing and given extremely precise instruction. So precise, in fact, that if you don't get every element of his dig instructions you're f*kd. His end points are places where he could specify where you should stand, what you should do, and how in a tangible way. What I'm getting at is it's becoming increasingly more possible in my eyes that we're not looking for a statue or placard that matches his poem and digging somewhere near the base. We may indeed be actually looking more in the vein of chicago-esque points in plots of land for most of these.

It's taken a while, but I'm more and more convinced that this is almost certainly not some pirate hunt put on by a millionaire bringing you to the purpose of life. We're not going to the coolest spot ever or somewhere special and being rewarded. We're finding that possibly anonymous spot where Byron and JJP (...more than he let's on I'm sure) could best logically and mathematically pinpoint a hole and hand us a poem and image while saying 'the game is afoot.'

Disclaimer: I still don't think he realized how hard it is to dig up a 6" box.

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1 Comment

Sep 17, 2021

I absolutely agree with this and have found a few other "pin pointed" things in a few other places that I'm not YET ready to shout out to the world. However... I firmly believe that the Chicago hole didn't even need to be as big as it was. (also, i believe that the hole has been incorrectly placed in follow-up interviews) One row of trees is pretty darn straight and narrow while the other row is (and WAS, I understand some trees have come and gone) a bit more ragged. But what many seem to miss is that the fence post isn't just "close to the spot." Instead, it IS the marker. It has a pointed top and, if using the slig…

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