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It's Hip to Be Square

It's not too hard to figure out...You see it every day...And those that were the farthest out...Have gone the other way.

Let's talk about the Golden Puzzle, Verse 5, Image 9. It's the 10th month, our gem is the opal, and flower the Calendula. Well, the Calendula, otherwise known as the MariGOLD. Notice how image 9 is riddled with golden squares. Kit Palencar even posted a close up of the painting which shows gold leaf was utilized in the art.

So, what else tells us to look in the Square Mile? Perhaps, a map of the Square Mile. The collar has always been quite suspicious. Side by side, they are very close given some artistic liberties to integrate the shape into a curved collar. The right image is only cropped and easily searchable as the Square Mile boundary.

Golden squares abound and a potential map fragment, very interesting. Could the pointing be telling us the street and a unique feature on the street? Perhaps, if you insert the nine north/south streets of the Square Mile into the blocks our Rembrandt-esque character is pointing too.

It appears he is pointing to Rue Drummond and some sort of animal. Ironically, two of these lamps are located on Rue Drummond. After walking the street countless times over the years, I would propose they are arguably the most unique feature on the street.

Could the below portion of Image 9 be interpreted as a drum? I think so.

Okay, the painting potentially contains:

  • A marigold

  • Golden squares

  • A map of the Square Mile

And more specifically:

  • Pointing which can be linked to Rue Drummond and a pair of unique lamps on said street.

  • A potential drum.

This seems very compelling for the casque to be located in the Square Mile somewhere on Drummond. Would a puzzle require this many specifics to simply provide the start? Highly unlikely. But what about the verse? Verse 5 must have a concrete, real world tie to the locale as well, correct? Sure it does - Of granite walls. The line points directly to the granite cornerstone of the Norris Building on Rue Drummond which was laid by F.B. Walls.

Citadel in the night?

Let's recap. Numerous things from Image 9 point to the Square Mile. More specifically, Rue Drummond. Utilizing Verse 5 on Rue Drummond, we happen upon two verse lines literally carved in stone on buildings. Rumor has it Byron was notorious for taking words from buildings for the verses.

Now, I have a question. Given the evidence, why are so many of you searching elsewhere for the Montreal casque? Or maybe I should just ask, Do you like Huey Lewis and The News? Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in'83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically.

You might think I'm crazy...But I don't even care...Because I can tell what's going on...It's hip to be square!

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