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Just Another Jewel Lie

They're gonna rip it off...Taking their time right behind my back

If you're like me...wait, let me start again, bad example. If you've spent a considerable amount of time contemplating The Secret puzzles...ugh, damn it, treasure've certainly wondered - why choose Pierre; or, the Ambiguities for a Herman Melville quote? Just some 1980's literary community flex or something slightly more meaningful to the puzzle? Let me provide a quick reason why and then you can go back to playing matchy-match with the paintings.

Pierre, or the Ambiguities was Herman Melville's seventh book. A simple piece of information which I've never seen discussed. So, Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Melville's seventh book for the July puzzle...maybe this month thing, staring us in the face across all paintings, IS important. Wait, sorry, clocks...till next time.

And that ain't what you want to hear...but that's what I'll do.

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