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I don't spend all that much time with Verse 8, of The Secret, but I'll dabble in it here and there. I'm posting this solely as a thought exercise. It is supposed to be an arm chair treasure hunt after all... right?

I mostly see the last three lines of Verse 8 grouped together in a way that reads like this:

On a proud, tall fifth At its southern foot The treasure waits.

Regardless of what you think the "fifth" is (a tree, a lion, a bridge, etc), why is the word "on" there? That's where things fall apart for me. What is it that is "on" the "fifth" and how does that get us to its "foot"? It doesn't add up.

This takes me me back to a point that Fenix made about "a letter from the country of wonderstone's hearth". If we assume, for a moment, that the "fifth" is the lion where we see the letter ü, we can read the lines like this:

You'll see a letter from the country Of wonderstone's hearth On a proud, tall fifth

This makes a lot more sense. It tells me what I'll see and exactly where I'll see it.

That change leaves us with the last two lines in isolation:

At its southern foot The treasure waits.

After separating these lines from the "fifth", we can question whether we're also changing context. We can ask: what else could "its" be referring to?

Framed slightly differently, we can ask: "what else, previously referenced in the verse, has a foot?"

He told us on line 13... a culvert.

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