Let My Enemies Devour Each Other

I often reminisce of the "good old days". The days of free flowing information on Quest 4 Treasure. A time void of royalty, peasants, and jesters such as myself. A less selfish day where collaboration reigned king.

From what I've been told, those times are long gone. I have come to accept that but should I be content knowing there is information out there that I am not privy to? ...or perhaps I should understand this is a competition and after 40 years, you must make your own rules? I'm torn...

For now, I choose to share. Over the next weeks, I will be uploading photos to The Secret City Galleries. Images may come and go at anytime. Some may be relevant to the hunt while others may just be something special that I stumbled across through research. I'll let you be the judge. Remember, The Secret is not just someone's Instagram account...unless you know, you're just another follower. Let's start a revolution.

I don't do drugs. I am drugs.

#SalvadorDali #Palencart

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