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Your first name is Free...Last name is Dom.

Lately, I've been a bit obsessed with the second paragraph on page 7 of The Secret. Byron provides four specifics we will learn of in the book. Today, I'd like to focus on the first one. You are about to read of the fantastic passage of the Fair People, who, like Man, arrived on the shores of the New World with dreams of freedom and contentment. So, the Fair Folk dreamt of freedom and happiness. Also, take note of the book's dedication. Are we overlooking hints to a constant across these puzzles? Do we need to hone in on freedom and what would make the Fair Folk happy? Perhaps a reminder of their homeland?

Over the years, several people have speculated about ties to the 1976 Bicentennial - the 200th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It doesn't hurt to look at the solved puzzles to see if there is evidence of freedom in the burial area or along the path.

Chicago - We have the obvious - Grant, Lincoln, and even Roosevelt(famous four freedoms speech) but what about the 1909 Illinois Supreme Court decision, declaring Grant Park, Forever Open, Clear, and Free? Cleveland - The painting hints to a very specific path to the park from Terminal Tower. If you move from Terminal Tower on the southwest side of the square to the entrance of Euclid Ave(think geometry), you'll be standing under a towering monument. Atop the monument, the Goddess of Freedom holding the Shield of Liberty. Continue east on Euclid Ave till you hit Liberty Ave.(now MLK Jr. Dr.) which takes you north into the park.

Boston - The verse calls out - In truth, be free. We have a quote from Longfellow referencing Paul Revere's(a member of The Sons of Liberty) famous ride. How about the Freedom Trail?

Let's stop here for now. It does appear the puzzles where casques have been retrieved integrate both freedom and the Fair Folk's heritage. I have thoughts on the rest but people always want to discuss the "solved" puzzles first. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss or hear more on the topic. In closing, I always like to ask the question, is this too vague for a theory/method? Could you drop a casque anywhere and find ties to heritage and freedom? I'm not sure I can answer the question. It's not like I am basing an entire method on trees and rectangles so why not give it some thought?

Mind, use your power...Spirit, use your wings.

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