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Men do play such strange and extraordinary tricks.

Ah, that 'if.' But it's of no use to despond. I can but do that, when I have tried everything and failed, and even then it won't serve me much.

We know Byron's used Abroad in America to create multiple clues in The Secret.

We know Dickens is a great option for verse 10's "him of Hard word in 3 Vols."

We have strong evidence that Verse 10 goes with Image 12.

What are the chances that Abroad in America has a chapter on v10's Dickens that describes exactly what Byron and JJP have done in image 12?

"if I was a painter, and was to paint the American Eagle, how should I do it?"

Perhaps Byron should want JJP to draw it like a seagull?

Why should he disguise what we know so well?

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2 commentaires

The way I see it, this bird in the painting has the body of a seagull and the head of an eagle (although not an anatomically correct one, but close enough to be recognized).

Is it a mere chimera, half seagull and half eagle? I think it's rather a seagull transforming into an eagle, starting with its head. First, that would explain why the eagle head is not anatomically correct if it's in the process of being shaped. Second, it better fits the symbolism of an immigrant arriving in NYC from the sea (seagull) and becoming american (american eagle).

Now, beside this symbolism, could there be a rebus too? How can you transform a seagull into an (approximate) eagle? Well,…


Mo Jo
Mo Jo
09 août 2021

Hi Phil, would love to discuss how Byron used Abroad in America to create clues for The Secret, especially in regards to N.Y. I have much to tell in regards to other texts Byron likely used. If you have the time to discuss, please reach out.

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