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Men do play such strange and extraordinary tricks.

Ah, that 'if.' But it's of no use to despond. I can but do that, when I have tried everything and failed, and even then it won't serve me much.

We know Byron's used Abroad in America to create multiple clues in The Secret.

We know Dickens is a great option for verse 10's "him of Hard word in 3 Vols."

We have strong evidence that Verse 10 goes with Image 12.

What are the chances that Abroad in America has a chapter on v10's Dickens that describes exactly what Byron and JJP have done in image 12?

"if I was a painter, and was to paint the American Eagle, how should I do it?"

Perhaps Byron should want JJP to draw it like a seagull?

Why should he disguise what we know so well?

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