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Nevermind, Nevermind.

I wanted to be real. I wanted to believe. it, hate it, I don't care. Hell, they all seemed to despise the word. Does it matter who started it all? How many of you even know of Green River? Members moving on to form Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, and Mother Love Bone. Soundgarden was at the forefront with Mudhoney and it all just felt right for the times. Gritty, raw, with a bit more depth than most punk. Grunge came at a time in my life where I craved something new and exciting to transport me out of the small world I was familiar with. I've spent some time going back through those albums. Listening, reflecting, and really just enjoying the memories...good or bad. I'll admit, I planned to use this opportunity to give my take on the most commercially successful album of the genre and times but some of those songs are just too fucking good. How could I criticize an album with tracks like In Bloom and Lithium? I got down to these songs. For me, it was Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam, and Ten which really made an impact...and just fyi, I didn't know anything about The Secret back then so Ten, X, October had zero influence. You know, just in case you were wondering.

If you haven't listened, do it. If you haven't in a while, let it transport you back. The 90's was grunge and grunge was the 90's.

The ugly truth for everyone to hear.

Music - Soundgarden - Mood For Trouble

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