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No One Man Should Have All That...

P O W E R ! ! ! I recently had the opportunity to sit down with George, formerly(currently?) of The Secret Podcast. It was nice to have a civil dialogue regarding the current state of the hunt and some of the issues which seem to be top of mind for the community.

A few weeks have passed and there are a couple questions which continue to circle my mind:

-Does The Secret actually need community leaders or is it simply a way to segregate?

-How do we ensure information flows in a fair manner if intended for the community as a whole?

I have a few thoughts on the above. As much as I would like to say, no - leaders are not needed, the community is large and already bordering on anarchy. So, unfortunately, the answer is yes. This begs the question, how are leaders appointed? Are they appointed/elected, do they come to power, or do they seize control? Regardless, how do we entrust them with the power of ensuring fair communication of information? Does the leadership need to be more structured and committee-like with checks and balances? These aren't intended to be attacks on any moderators or group owners. They should know, with great power comes great responsibility. Besides, nobody needs another Icarus situation and come on good Sir Palencar, are you really looking to provide a select few with an advantage? Let's hope not. So why not make this fair instead of providing one the ability to take their ball(and painting) home when things get uncomfortable? Yes, we also experienced a significant breakdown in judgement recently. People approaching member's families and employers. Other's ousting creators of the hunt from the groups those same people worship them from. Now, I've always been one to have a bit of fun and push buttons but it's time to reset if you are falling into any of the above patterns of action. This is an enjoyable yet frustrating hobby. Let's treat it as such. Somehow, it feels like a positive time to re-engage and demonstrate change first hand. Isn't that what people need in challenging times? Look out for new content soon. Feel free to like or hate it. It's okay either way, as long as you're enjoying the ride. Besides...Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it. I guess every superhero need his theme music.

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