Overlooking the Obvious for the Obviously Overlooked

We just stood there gettin' wet with our backs against the fence....Forcing square pegs through round holes. Often times, we grasp the most obvious answer and just can't let it go. In this instance, the iconic Ghirardelli sign in San Francisco whose font does not match painting #1. Sorry, you may need to have been around a while to get that joke. Spoiler alert-it's actually a great match. But not everything that glimmers is always gold, especially in San Francisco.

At stone wall's door - Stonewall Jackson? The air smells sweet - like chocolate? Remember that famous sign? Famous for chocolate, right? Let's not obsess over the sweet smell or taste because it may lead back to the obvious. We're looking for something much older that's not what it once was. Think of the St Charles Hotel and tour with me(you like that? hill/mountain, so what) to San Francisco Landmarks #15 & 16. The old Ghirardelli Building and Annex....on Jackson St. And it stoned me to my soul....

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