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Pawn or King? A Dummy Check, Mate!

It's hard to live this way. Dreaming in a dream. How am I seeing when both my eyes are closed?

Lately, I've struggled to write about The Secret. It's become everything I'd hope a treasure hunt/puzzle of this nature would not become. I suppose it's just mirroring society. I'm certain everyone is beyond tired of me calling out the manipulation or even the hypocrites who used to do the same but were converted with a little inside info. All of these goddamn mind games. So, today I will discuss a couple of things in hopes of setting the record straight and encouraging people engaged in a game of intellect to think critically about the information they are being fed.

Let's begin with the infamous FairMOUNT call. It's important to put this call in context. The call occurred due to a false claim of recovering a casque in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Specifically, at the Verdi statue. The call was from JM to Kit and JJP was pulled into the conversation. Post call, JM called two individuals to discuss, myself and MaltedFalcon. Keep in mind there had already been major fallouts in this former group of Secret hunters. Some only got third or fourth hand crumbs. Sound familiar?

I'll recount what I was told. We can start with the thing most everyone is focusing on. At some point JJP mentions "they must have figured out the Fairmount clue". I'll get to the when a bit later on. I remember saying to John, you mean Fairmont, right? To which he replied - no, he said FairMOUNT. I'm sure you all have opinions here and there is no real benefit of trying to force mine on you so let's move on. Another critical thing was shared on this call. JJP said, "Byron told me NOT to include the statue in the painting." Rewind quickly, remember the context of the call was a guy claimed to have dug up a casque at the Verdi statue in GGP. Later we would see photos of the gentleman at Huntington Falls but the call was referencing the Verdi statue. Why is this important? We know JJP's recollection is less than perfect but there are two general specifics described which seem to align with where he believed the San Francisco casque to be buried. He never pushed back when told the casque was buried in a park next to a statue. He even provided some level of affirmation immediately after - oh, they must of figured out the Fairmount clue.

What can we deduce from the entire conversation by understanding the full context? The casque is likely buried near the Fairmont Hotel, in a park, next to a statue? Why did he confuse mont and mount? Could be a slip, could be some mountain connect...we can safely assume the clue he referenced was in the painting and he seemed proud of it. Your guess is as good as mine but I wouldn't be so rigid on the rose/F connect given mount.

Onto the next and I admit the public response to this really pissed me off. The painting name - Souls of Clouds. Heck, now it is being publicly stated it may not even be a painting name and if so, how would we know which. Can some one give me a goddamn break here? We are smarter than this for a couple reasons. The first is information which was not shared publicly. Where did this photo come from? I'll let you solve the puzzle yourself. It was sent to a special sort of guy by an individual with access to JJP's studio. So how do we know it's a painting name? Perhaps, "the name of the San Francisco painting is on the back" helped. But let's just assume that wasn't shared and it was just a random photo. Maybe it was on a blank canvas or a painting in JJP's studio not even Secret related. Just snapping photos of anything in dad's, I mean JJP's studio to help you out with The Secret or um, whatever. I suppose if we were smart enough to understand anything about these puzzles we could also google "souls of clouds" and see where that leads us. Probably Arabian and Houston, right? Happy 6th of July!

Slowly I concede. I forget where I am. Fall away into a dream like slumber

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