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Saint or Sinner

Oh, Sinnerman,where you gonna run to?

At a certain point in time, we must ask ourselves, are all of the most commonly accepted answers correct? High posts are three was Sutro tower...till the posts were made of wood.

Do we truly know how these puzzles work and are just not keeping it simple enough? Hmmm, John Palencar was not even allowed to fully explain the three puzzles where casques have been located. And didn't he make a comment along the lines of - maybe Byron was just too clever with his verses. What gives?

Well, this all leads me to St. Augustine. As many of you know, I believe the casque to be located near the Fort San Juan de Pinos stone. At the base(fort) of a tall tree(pinos/pine). In addition, the acrostic of this line yields - At boat t. Ironically the stone is right next to a giant boat anchor...see below.

This brings me back to Byron being clever and us taking some of the accepted answers for granted. Let's examine the 3rd and 4th lines of the verse. Near men - With wind rose. We've solved these two right? There's a compass in a building near the men's restroom...okay.(insert emoji indicating how ridiculous this idea is) But how about the names on the San Juan de Pinos plaque? Pedro Menendez de Aviles and Sir Francis Drake, both famous sea faring explorers. If the casque is indeed near this stone, it's safe to say it is Near men With wind rose. It also, coincidentally, speaks of years passing and the fort falling(reign?).

Is there more? Imagine we locate the latitude/longitude in the painting and establish the casque is located in St. do we know it's at the Fountain of Youth? Were we to wander around till we stumbled upon a sign with First Chapter painted over water? The sign would seem to be no coincidence but there has always been controversy around it. Are we missing something obvious here to get us to the Fountain of Youth? The first chapter, of a life - Youth. Written in water, as a riddle would be - Fountain pen.

I'll leave you with one last alternate interpretation. You can still hear the honking. More controversy here. Do ducks honk, did Byron believe so, and would you reference and old duck pond this way when you'd hear them honking from anywhere in the park? Going back to the rock and plaque which names men with wind rose. Batman, you quack, riddle me this. Name a famous explorer who may honk.

Till next time, I remain eternally puzzled this casque has yet to be unearthed.

Well I run to the rock, please hide me...I cried POWER, POWER.

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