Still Perplexed, Still Addicted to You.

We talk street art and sarcasm, Crass humor and high fashion....or maybe these are just a few of my favorite things. Oh, to be spinning in an empty field in the Alps right now.....

I often realize life is moving so fast that I am missing those little things which are really important. Fuck it and move on right? Probably a terrible idea but that is how I tend to live my life. I make mistakes, have no regrets, but missing those small moments I will surely regret in the end.

These notes usually take me about 15 minutes to write but I'm sure that is quite obvious given the quality of content. This one, however, has taken well over a week. You will always be my greatest puzzle. The perfect enigma. I'm infinitely proud of you and all you have accomplished. Understand that you are my calm as you continue to search for your still.

Two lost angels discover salvation...Don't you wish we could run away now? Yes, let's....

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