Sunday Mornings, Soccer, and Lane.

....And progress is not intelligently planned.

There’s something about early Sunday mornings and The English Premier League. Good coffee, quiet, and zero stress. It’s the perfect environment to reflect and work on a 40 year old puzzle.

This morning I pulled out my copy of “National Lampoon - Slightly Higher in Canada”. Although it was published in the late 70’s, the humor still gets a smirk out of me. While reading, it dawned on me, I have no idea what this province I’ve been living in for the last 16 years was named for.

Thank goodness for Google! Seconds later, I have my answer. Quebec is the Algonquin word for “narrow passage“ or “where the river narrows”. Interesting, that sounds slightly familiar.

The above is Phil Abbott’s translation of the Japanese hints for Verse 5. A noun, “narrow path” but this is a proper noun. Wait a minute, Quebec is literally a proper noun meaning narrow path! Imagine that, Lane could be Quebec. What a simple clue.

Back to soccer for me. You may now return to your regularly scheduled “the cities are wrong and Verse 8 is Montreal not Milwaukee“ program.

...And progress is a message that we send...One step closer to the future...One inch closer to the end....

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