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Supplemental Resources: Montreal Vol. 1

John joins in for the second episode and deep dives till we are wind swept. Chris trumps the "math test". While Phil proves we aren't bitter; we love bitter! Especially when paired with a Big Mac. Even if you're not a Montreal fiend, there's a lot more to be had from this episode. So, grab a drink, kick back, and please enjoy the show.

Selection of locations discussed:

Japanese Translation referenced can be found here.

Phil's Current Anisette Infusion Recipe:

160ml 190 Proof Everclear

40ml water

10g Anise seed

10g Fennel seed

3g Star Anise

2g Hyssop

1g Lemon Balm

.5g Coriander

Combine Everclear and water to create 150 proof liquor.

Crush Anise, Star Anise and Fennel and add to liquor. Shake and let sit for 12hrs.

Add remaining ingredients and let sit additional 12-24hrs. (to taste)

Strain through a coffee filter.

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