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The Clue Conundrum

I know you, little libertine.

It has certainly become prevalent in the treasure hunting community. Nobody can solve puzzles so creators compose cryptic clues. I'm guilty of it. I tried so hard to lead someone to say "Inn Diana" for Ross's Inn but it was not happening. Each hint I dropped led people deeper down their respective rabbit holes.

On the flip, I've also interpreted most hints incorrectly. I am beginning to believe, on average, they have an outcome contrary to the creator's intent. The people who love them the most tend to use them to justify the most ridiculous things. Often, we just need to be more honest with ourselves. I'm an amateur puzzle maker at best...AT BEST! Let's not forget many of the current hunts are also created by inexperienced puzzle makers. List off the published ones and pull up the creator's puzzle resume. It's logical a puzzle maker with little history creating will experience pitfalls. Now add additional mini puzzles atop an already flawed puzzle. Yikes! It can get out of control real quick. I do want to give Phrabbott props for forgoing the cryptic clue and providing a straight forward hint on how to approach his recent puzzle, Memory Gaps: A Chronology.

Phil creates outstanding puzzles. Better constructed than most published and amateur freebie hunts we've seen over the years. He was astute enough to understand hints often lead to pure chaos and should be commended for it. If you haven't already, check his recent puzzle out. So, what do you all think? Cue the clues or clueless?

I know you're a real cuckoo.

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