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The Most Common Misconceptions

You hurt and abuse telling all of your lies....Run 'round, sweet baby, Lord, how they hypnotize.

Let's talk about bad information for a minute. In relation to The Secret, I'd venture to say there is at least 10 times as much bad info as good and that is a conservative estimate. Below are some common points of confusion for many involved. -You can submit solutions to Brick Tower aka John Colby and if correct, you win a gem.

Sorry folks, unless something has changed, Colby does not have the answers. -The Secret is a children's book. Has treasure hunt folklore bled together to arrive at this? Have you read the book? Have you read the newspaper articles marketing the book?

-John Jude Palencar has possession of the solutions and/or knows the exact burial locations. Here's a shocker for you. I've never personally communicated with JJP. I just don't have the proper knee pads. However, everything that I have been told is that JJP does not have the solutions and he may not even know the end locations. Sure, he has some great information that people aren't sharing with you but that's not my bag, baby.

-The Tribute hunt is officially associated with The Secret. Nope, not a chance. The creator of the Tribute hunt commissioned JJP's son to create a painting and was able to interact with some of the people involved with the original hunt. He even obtained a casque to be buried and used for the hunt. It is my understanding that he has decided to keep said casque.

-The wiki is a true wiki.

The Secret PB Works site is not a true wiki. It has morphed into what is mostly a single person's opinion on the puzzles. Don't let this dissuade you from leveraging it as a resource just proceed with caution. -Q4T members were not aware of the Chicago casque find prior to the Cleveland casque find.

This was an odd one that came up recently. This is false. Q4T was well aware of the Chicago find prior to the Cleveland casque being unearthed.

-Egbert had a major breakthrough and came across the Greek Gardens in Cleveland through a google search.

I heard this again recently and forget that many don't know the history. A user on Q4T named Johann actually made this discovery. Egbert went on to travel to the location, connect the dots, and unearth the casque with some critical help from his partner Siskel.

-You should believe people who write about The Secret, host or appear on podcasts, or were on television shows/documentaries.

Let's be honest, we all have our opinions on this hunt. You should treat myself and others who are generating content no different than any others working this hunt. Is there special information out there that people have promised to release? Sure. Will it help you? Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't make any of us experts. I know some who have been in the game since the book was released in 1982 and others who have only been around for a couple of years and are self appointed leaders. Gather info, use your head, and enjoy yourselves.

If you're going to San Francisco...Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

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