The Queen Said, "Off With His Head!"

She is my queen, she's my Marilyn and I'm her...John Mac...Wait, scrap the last part. That history is history!

How about the Queen though? More specifically, Elizabeth number two ...that dame who was on the Canadian two dollar bill in 1982, and the twenty to boot! Interestingly enough, there is an iconic hotel named after Queen Elizabeth II on Rene Levesque in Montreal. A hotel designed by architect George Drummond. Now isn't that one hell of a coincidence knowing we have an exact match from Image 9 right in front of George Stephen's house on Rue Drummond.

Alright, sure, you may say I'm a dreamer but...perhaps John & Yoko's 1969 bed in and recording of Give Peace A Chance at the Queen Elizabeth made a lasting impression on a sixteen year old Brooklyn boy. But who am I to speculate and besides, You'll see an arc of lights, right?

Could an arc of lights translate to The Golden Arches? Not in the heavenly sense, let's supersize this blog with some artery clogging goodness! McDonald's/The Golden Arches is arguably the most popular franchise in the world and that certainly hasn't changed a whole lot since 1981. Back to the cancelled first Prime Minister of Canada. John Madonald's monument stands or used to stand in Place du Canada, with just one building between he and Queen Elizabeth II. Let's break it down. Arc of lights - Golden Arches - Mcdonalds/Madonald's Monument. Dig it? The Riddler would be proud!

Verse 5 cliff notes: Quebec(Lane) at The Queen Elizabeth(Two twenty two), you'll see John Macdonald(You'll see an arc of lights). I'll be uploading a short walk through with key locations to our YouTube channel so please smash the subscribe and like buttons!

Yo guys, did I nail the outro? Nah, let's kick it my normal GenX style.

...She'll flash that angel devil grin...and wait for worship to begin.

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