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The Quotes of John Jude Palencar

What JJP has said on...

...assumed locations:

"I think they are [the correct cities]... a couple of the things I see, I see online, they seem to be going in the right direction for the right cities for the right images. Some of them are very obvious. Others aren't, but they're pretty much... People have been working on these for a number of decades now. I think they’ve discerned the general geographical locations”

George Ward:

"He found the latitude and longitude coordinates, which looking back on it is the simplest thing."

JJP [nodding]:

"Ya. Right. Ya."


"There is not one way to solve these. There's a manner of things. There is mathematics, there are optics, there's astronomical, there's geographical, there's topographical, there is mechanical...historical."

"It was all about constructing these paintings, at least from my point of view, and working with these clues and seeing how diabolical we could be. As far as how clever and how we could change it up so that one solve would not clue--a treasure wouldn't be solved in exactly the same way as another. Even though there was a framework there maybe."

“The first painting and the last painting are both arches and they’re both coastal paintings. Does that mean that these paintings go in a chronological order from west to east? Or east to west? Or do you do west to east and then east to west back and do some kind of flip thing?”

[Speaking to what he would do differently] “I would have spent more time on some of the covers and put more in there. We would have needed more time too to really make them even deeper--both the verses and the clues. By that I mean more resolution on the clues that would take people step by step. Maybe by the solving of one clue would lead to another clue. And that's kind of what has happened in an indirect way. [...] I would have done even more complex paintings and would have egged Byron on to make even more detailed verses so that they were... just more detailed... and maybe some things that would have also been... I can't... ummm...maybe put some more misdirection in there? Or like a good misdirection with a good reflection that got you off into another area. And like I said--that did happen with Andy and Brian."

...clue construct:

[speaking on the words on the wall in Cleveland] "I didn't really know that... Byron was looking around and I didn't even see him looking at that stuff when he was writing it down. he had that little book of his. You know? Like the Indiana Jones book with the little rubber band strap around it, ya know, with little notes in there and little diagrams and stuff."

"Byron was notorious for [picking] words off of buildings"

"You have to think like Byron and how he had to bury them. He had to be, and Jason might have mentioned this, but he had to be in and out very quickly."

[on image 1 moons]"I can’t remember are they different phases? That’s another thing."

...the back of the book:

“I always had this feeling--now this is just my own curiosity--that somehow the front part of the book is tied in with the treasure part. It seems like when you look at the book there's two parts. you have the Field guide to the Fair People […] And I remember bring up, I said Byron, why don't we just discard this other stuff [...] And [Byron] said ‘no, this has to be in there. We have to do this part.' Now whether the book company was saying look it's gotta be more than just this little 12 page thing. ya know. it's gotta be bigger so you know he came up with this [...] other part of the book"

"But I always thought somehow that how he wrote these things and some of the names on this and how he worked with these guys--I think somehow he's hidden something in there. I mean. This will be another thing that will bake your noodles, but maybe there's some sort of code in the actual writing after he edited it.”

...the reproduction quality:

“Lost some of the reflections. The iris of the eyes just disappeared, ya know, the tear ducts and things like that”

...what to look forward to:

“I’m still trying to find the preliminary drawings of this stuff”

Quotes compiled from


Phil's New England IPA (as seen in part 1)

Yield: 2 gal

Grain bill:

4.25lbs 2-Row Pale Malt

.7lbs Flaked Oats

.35lbs Flaked Wheat

.15lbs Gambrinous Honey Malt


1-1/2 oz Citra and Mosaic hops

Divided and added in equal parts @ 15min, 0min, 170deg hop boil and 3 day dry hop.


Safale S-33 Yeast

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