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Soundtrack to Nightmares

I guess I'm the last one to make a music post! Not for lack of trying, but mostly for lack of time. Although music isn't something that brought us together, it has always been a big part of the other shh....

My musical tastes are... not always mainstream. Other times, very mainstream. What can I say, I like the extremes.

Nothing says extreme like the band Portal. Formed in Australia in 1994, Portal is the epitome of chaos. The soundtrack to nightmares. The live band at the apocalypse. Portal makes bands like Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death sound like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

My first introduction to them was their 2009 release, Swarth. This is the kind of music that will make you so uncomfortable that you have an immediate and uncontrollable need to turn it off. Which, of course, made me want to keep listening.

To really experience it, you need the full visual. Enjoy?

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