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Theory Of A Deadman...

She fills my bed with gasoline

You think I wouldn't notice

Her mind's made up

The love is gone

It's no secret that this puzzle and I have a toxic relationship. I hate losing more than most could ever imagine and not only does she continue to beat me but she consistently beats me down. Somehow, this all brought me back to playing the video game Indigo Prophecy back in 2005. I quickly realized that Quantic Dream was disrupting the industry and doing something special but what still sticks out in my mind today is a point in the game where you can pick up a guitar in your apartment and play the intro to the song Santa Monica. It wasn't until this morning that I finally realized it is a perfect representation of how this puzzle taunts me. I believe it was about 2 year ago that the Quest4Treasure user Roughdraft274 brought many of us back to Lafayette Square in New Orleans. I cannot say for certain that the clock in painting 7 matches to Gallier Hall are correct but there ended up being a whole lot more to love in that area. George from The Secret Podcast made a couple of trips and Brett joined him on one of them. Additional discoveries were made in respect to the plots on either side of Gallier Hall during these visits but in my opinion, there was just not enough proof of a casque in the spots that were dug.

Eventually, this all lead to me revisiting the puzzle in an attempt to look for something which may modify the dig spot. It appears that Byron took seemingly insignificant words and made them essential to solving many of these puzzles. It made a lot of sense to start there and ultimately resulted in the below:

The removable fencing has 21 post holes with 15 on the Lafayette Street side. These appear to be our fifteen rows down to the (treasure) ground. Combining that with end to end as the two sides of the fence converging to a spot and the namesakes meeting as the location where Lafayette Street and St. Charles Street come together changes the middle of twenty-one to the corner next to the 15th post hole.

...but as the title and intro eludes to, the puzzle wins again. Big thank you's go out to Phil and Jeff for their contributions, unfortunately the only reward is my gratitude.

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