This Is The Greatest And Best Song In The World - Tribute

Last Valentine's Day we received a lovely little puzzle from Kit Palencar and his co-collaborator who I will refer to as Wonderboy. Come on, it is after all a Tenacious D themed post. You can check out The Tribute and more of Kit's work on his site.

I know many of those who we refer to as old timers or veterans completely avoided The Tribute while lots of the post Expedition Unknown crew embraced it. To that, I have one comment. You have an opportunity to own a piece of The Secret history, an actual casque. Apparently this was the casque hand carved by JoEllen Trilling and used to create the mold for the casques which were buried. My understanding is this was the reason it was painted. The casque was damaged and needed some epoxy work. The paint is unfortunate but I think one could still work with it to create an amazing display piece.

So, what am I getting on about with this long winded post? Let's get some old timers involved to solve this thing! We know that Wonderboy wrote the verse during a time when he had strong beliefs that The Secret had an Icon to Park methodology. Here is what has been deciphered:

  • Hunter S Thompson quote - partial quote in The Lore is intended to lead to Louisville, KY, HST's hometown -- look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark -- that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.

  • The Heigold House Facade - This is our starting point, the icon, found in Kit's painting.

  • Your way has a twin - Hwy 60 and ALT 60. 60 runs from the Heigold and ALT 60/Eastern leads you towards the entrance of Cherokee Park.

  • A man of adventure stands / At the beginning and end - A statue of Daniel Boone stands at the beginning of the Scenic Loop in Cherokee Park. Is "and end" there to make note of the loop or is there more?

  • Cross four spans - Cross four bridges on the scenic loop. Originally, I thought the bridges were numbered due to bridge hunter and some photos I have seen but I am unable to confirm this.

  • Two circles three, dragon of the C - The Christensen fountain in Cherokee Park is a dragon boat with two sets of three shields on it's side.

  • In marsh, hillside, and valley deep - Two of the World's Fair benches near the Hogan Fountain have plaques which respectively call out the name Hill and Marsh. I personally believe the casque is buried in this general area. Does valley deep refer to an actual valley in the park or perhaps the area between these two benches?

  • Painting Clues - There appear to be several visual clues in the painting. The facade, a portion of the Ohio River, the Christensen shields, a dog face from the Hogan fountain, architectural features from bridges in the park, Big Rock, a Murdock drinking fountain, a side view of a World's Fair bench, the wall near the Hill and Marsh bench, The T located on the golf course. In addition, you can find all of the letters to spell Louisville within the painting.

  • Verse page art clues - The verse contained art which also appears in Cherokee Park - The dragon next to the word Christensen, the design on the Bernheim bridge, and cat tails on the Hogan fountain. Should we be also looking at the way Tribute is written? The font or even just that T?

After a lull in the hunt, Wonderboy went on to release an additional clue that is commonly referred to as The Note. After little progress, more hints were provided - I have three words for you. Good Luck - JM, Wheel, 13 is important, and you are looking for 11 words. The note appears to be decoded by counting every 13th word. Notice, the 13th word in the note is TREASURE...big hint there.

Questions and random thoughts on The Note - Why stop at 11 words and not 13 words? Are there instructions to do so or is this just an awful puzzle? Could find tell you to stop at 11(find 11)? ...and most importantly, what in the world does this mean? Treasure be/Treasure bee/emblem of B...Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee? Wonderboy seemed fascinated by Kit Williams over the last year and Kit's follow up to Masquerade was Untitled - Bee On The Comb.

Lastly, how does this tie back to using The Secret as the book?

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