This Mess We're In...And Ohhh (the city sunset over me)

Billy Ray was the preacher's son....but what if Elton John and George Michael had a son? Would his nom de guerre be John Mic....sorry, I'm getting off track again. Apparently I have been out of the puzzle loop. Yet another new hunt released on February 14th. I had heard previous rumors but no definitive date or details. Since it's inception, I've been lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with three brilliant and logical hunters(A bot, Gerald the carpenter, and ER's son). Initially, I had little interest. I was fearful that The Sunset Trail would be lost to dark, overcast methodology based on my previous experience. Let me tell you, I was wrong and this Blight delivers!

So, that leads us to today. Twelve days in and we have little left to do but let shovel move dirt and reveal it's secrets Thanks Johnny Mics, the christened preacher man, and NASCAR for never turning right.

By the way, am I the only one who listened to Silverchair? Remember today...I've no respect for you...And I miss you....!

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