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Two Rights Don't Make a Wrong

Truckin', like the do-dah man...Once told me, "You've got to play your hand"

Humor me for a moment. Imagine these months, gems, and flowers are important. Imagine they just don't point to a clock under the lid of a box. Imagine for a moment the puzzles are based on the months which their gems, flowers, and numbers symbolize. It will only take a moment. I promise.

Two twenty two may have yet another interesting option. There is little debate image 10, the February painting, leads to Milwaukee. There is, however, much debate on whether verse 8 or verse 5 should pair with image 9, the October painting. Let's also assume the book order has no bearing on painting nomenclature. Instead, we may be inclined to refer to the paintings by month name or number.

Back to Two twenty two. I propose two refers to our second month, February. Many believe 95% of the lines in verse 8 fit Milwaukee well, with one exception. Line two. For a moment, can we all pretend Line two of month two's verse...#8 for you traditionalists is what the line Two twenty two is referencing? Where would this lead us? What's my twenty? I've thought on this for a while now and Phil finally answered my question. "Well, it leads to your twenty, or location, Drummond". To that I say, "10-4 good buddy!"

Line two in month two's verse provides your location.

Sometimes the cards ain't worth a dime...If you don't lay 'em down

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