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We Never Will, We're Just a Minor Threat

I am a patient boy. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait.....but damn Gina, we're coming up on 38 years this fall.

This whole situation has been surreal. I'm not the most social person anymore so I shut in quite well. Lately, these empty streets seem to be calling my name. Anytime I've wandered through the Square Mile I fantasize about the people disappearing and a quiet calm setting in. The ability to wander the streets to my own soundtrack, getting lost in what might have been has always been something I've dreamed of. Unfortunately, it's become a bitter reality and I'm hesitant to capture this guilty pleasure. It just doesn't feel right.

Life is currently mimicking our puzzles. Have we come to an impasse? I think back to times when people tell me that there are no thoughts/ideas left to be had. Sorry but fuck that. We've reached a place where leaders cannot lead, protesters don't know how to protest, and ignorance really has become bliss for many....but is it? ....or could it lead to the end of humanity as we know it? These thoughts circle my mind daily. The extra time and lack of pressure to actually do something or go somewhere has allowed me to dive deep into the data. When I mention deep, I don't mean 15 degrees removed. I'm referencing events and information that was easily attainable in the early 80's, would be fairly common local knowledge but is not quite important enough to be considered true history...if that makes sense. Pouring over hundreds of thousands of newspaper hits has painted a more complete picture of a couple locations. It's provided a method to the madness.

One of the more interesting examples I have found was that a fire damaged the interior of The Bank of Montreal building on the corner of St. Catherine and Drummond in 1978. The bank was considering demolishing this historic branch for a modern building or high rise. However, the branch is within 500ft. of an official historical monument, The Mount Stephen Club. Based on the Quebec Cultural act, passed in 1972, the Minister of Culture has final say on the fate of the building and chose to save it. The bank seemed to embrace the decision after weighing options and refurbished the building to a tune of $1.8M. One could speculate, the historical weight and roots extended, together saved the site from demolition. Another fun discovery which I wasn't aware of, is the YMCA was often referred to as YMCA Hall. I believe most are aware of the classes that it housed for Sir George Williams University and the potential tie as a University Hall. The second YMCA on Drummond, the Norris Building(granite Walls), was built to help with the classroom over flow. The original YMCA, demo'd in 2002(2002 was an awful year for Montreal historical buildings) also had Budge Hall. I've shared some of this information with a few people. I even posted the granite Walls photo on Quest 4 Treasure without a single response. I feel the most common question/concern I receive is, "how does this help?" or more specifically, "how does this help you find the casque?". My answer is simple, the data is validating itself. The information is speaking on it’s own. There is no need for an overarching method or deep knowledge. It may seem so today but not when you research and understand how people consumed news at the time these puzzles were created. I'm now able to account for five consecutive verse lines. More importantly, these lines are all within 500ft. of the most unique imagery in the painting. Regardless of your opinions, I hope you agree the data is compelling. Stay tuned, I don't sit idly by. I'm planning a big surprise.

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