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Where Am I?

Do you wanna know what I think of you? Cause you're not the way I thought you should be...

Boston really threw a wrench into things didn't it? In oh so many ways. I just keep circling back to Feel AT HOME! It's so easy to fall into a pattern of reading these verses one way. Whether it be combining lines or only considering certain meanings of words. Byron screamed, be open minded cause I like to f*ck with words, with the Boston solution. The question becomes...can we learn anything from it? Well, we can certainly try.

Below, I've compiled a list of lines which could be read in a way which may potentially have the same implications as Boston's feel AT home. Some are obvious, others not so much.

Questions I'm asking. How does reading these lines differently change their meaning? Do they change in a way which may point to a casque location? Are some more plausible than others and if so why?

What did you think of me acting this way? I guess you never really thought at all...

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