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Memory Gaps: A Chronology

Days go by and still I think of you...

Wow. It has been nearly a year and a half since I last wrote. A lot going on from a new job, to a new house, to a covid marriage re-ceremony, but I won't bore you. Yes, I still work on some of these maddening puzzles in the quiet depths of my mind and/or the back alleys of puzzledom. Long standing enigmas only. God forbid we actually take on a puzzle that can be solved.

Anyway, that brings me to what's below. Fenix started releasing monthly puzzles which sounded fun. After dropping the ball last month, Woodford covered for me. But I did a classic High-School-Cram-Job and got this one in on time.

This is a concept I've had for a long time. A puzzle presented as enigmatic journal entries of a narrator with some sort of memory loss. I wanted to make a larger scope puzzle with a bigger reveal, but I lost steam, so here it is. I wasn't able to weave in all the components I wanted, and lord knows I'm not a writer, but take it for what it's worth and I think you'll have an alright time.

Photos followed by a PDF. I'm not gonna tell you how to take your puzzles.

[cover photo above is a stock image. Do not read into it]

EDIT 08-01-23:

I realized 'find the password' was a little misleading. The password is not directly presented in the story or puzzle(s) there-in. Updated lingo related to figuring out the password.

EDIT 09-01-23:

First official 'hint' is in the comments if you're feeling stuck. I also replied to ATdreamer2112 on Aug 21. What I wrote in that reply could be read as two subtle hints.

Memory Gaps_ A Chronology
Download PDF • 51KB

The winner will be the first person to send the correct answer to me via the member chat.

Prize TBD. A gift card probably.

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