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Triple X

But if stars shouldn't shine by the very first time... Anyone else a little sick of The Secret? I'm not sure if it is knowing how difficult these buried casques would be to retrieve even with a solution or if it is more how the integrity of the puzzle seems to be compromised. Luckily, I'm still grasping onto sanity and have not yet resorted to suggesting the keeper of The Secret dug up all casques once Byron passed. If you can't solve 'em start a conspiracy theory, right? But as you may have suspected from the title, this isn't about The Secret. Recently, I was looking at one of the x number of Xavier MarX clues. Specifically, the one Max Frosh released. One thing jumped out at me structurally with this clue. It's exactly 100 words. I began to think about why this may be important and I came back to XM, himself. A 10 letter name starting and ending with X's - triple X. If we apply this knowledge to 100 would we be looking at 10 X 10?

Does anything jump out here? Perhaps, The Last Names? Sure... What if we apply this to the book text?

Some sort of map hint? I'm not certain but we must be missing something with all of this X/J/10 repetition.

Then dear, it's fine, so fine by me. Music - Stars - The xx

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