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A Jumping Off Point...

I have been talking about building a website for a long time. A place to capture my thoughts on various puzzles and share them with anyone who may be interested. I've decided to finally take that leap. My apologies in advance. I actually haven't been in this game for long. I dipped my toe into puzzles when I learned of David Blaine's: Mysterious Stranger back at the end of 2002. The mastermind, Cliff Johnson, captivated me with his brilliance and I have fond memories of being Just Blaine Crazy. Have a look around Cliff's site; his work is excellent.

Shortly after, I came across The Secret and later A Treasure's Trove. It was 2003 just before moving to Montreal when I discovered The Secret. We didn't even have an idea that Montreal was a casque city at the time so what a surprise that turned out to be. It was November of 2004 when Michael Stadther released A Treasure's Trove. I had a few months to recover from the Blaine orb finding and was ready for a new adventure. My son was born in February and I was still unable to legally work in Canada so I had a lot of time on my hands. I thought for sure I would end up pulling a token from the hole of a tree but in the end, Polybius won out. Oh, The Histories...but seriously, what's up with Greek historians and treasure hunts?

I dabbled in other hunts that probably are not worth talking about but eventually life took over leading to a hiatus in my puzzling. Until I decided to send an email to Wilhouse in August of 2017....might as well jump!

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08 sept. 2021

Thank you for this website. I keep saying the same thing over and over... it's an enjoyable read in and of itself, beyond the useful info about The Secret and other thhhhhhhings. Have you (i ask, fully knowing that OF COURSE YOU HAVE) begun to take note of the seemingly endless amount of coincidences that seem to occur in and around treasure hunting? We discovered "The Secret" while searching for an image of Milwaukee's city hall. It may have been the very next day, or possibly even that evening, when we caught the episode of E.U. featuring The Secret. I'm pretty certain that we had never even actively seen E.U. prior to that other than it being one of those cable …

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