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A Jumping Off Point...

I have been talking about building a website for a long time. A place to capture my thoughts on various puzzles and share them with anyone who may be interested. I've decided to finally take that leap. My apologies in advance. I actually haven't been in this game for long. I dipped my toe into puzzles when I learned of David Blaine's: Mysterious Stranger back at the end of 2002. The mastermind, Cliff Johnson, captivated me with his brilliance and I have fond memories of being Just Blaine Crazy. Have a look around Cliff's site; his work is excellent.

Shortly after, I came across The Secret and later A Treasure's Trove. It was 2003 just before moving to Montreal when I discovered The Secret. We didn't even have an idea that Montreal was a casque city at the time so what a surprise that turned out to be. It was November of 2004 when Michael Stadther released A Treasure's Trove. I had a few months to recover from the Blaine orb finding and was ready for a new adventure. My son was born in February and I was still unable to legally work in Canada so I had a lot of time on my hands. I thought for sure I would end up pulling a token from the hole of a tree but in the end, Polybius won out. Oh, The Histories...but seriously, what's up with Greek historians and treasure hunts?

I dabbled in other hunts that probably are not worth talking about but eventually life took over leading to a hiatus in my puzzling. Until I decided to send an email to Wilhouse in August of 2017....might as well jump!

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