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When is an object not an Object?

The verses of the Secret are full of riddles and other word play. Some, like Verse 4, are more literal, directing you to the casque location. Others, like Verse 3, require you to take the first four lines and extract a thinly veiled, but very informative, piece of information. Even the Japanese hints for Verse 2 suggests that you should "fix this to a more easy, direct expression".

Let's take a look at a few of lines in Verse 7, with the assumption that it's a riddle:

In jewel's direction Is an object Of Twain's attention

Deconstructing these lines, we can extract some important information: he is trying to orient us. Wherever it is that he intends for us to be, he's telling us that we need to find "the object of Twain's attention" in order to understand the direction of the jewel.

Our task is clear: solve for "the object of Twain's attention".

We can start by decomposing this into two pieces:

  1. Twain

  2. object of attention

The capitalization on Twain tells us it's a proper noun and the Japanese hint, "Twain, the famous...." hammers that home. There's no question that Twain is Mark Twain.

Object of attention is a less common phrase. If we open the thesaurus and start to look at synonyms, we find that it means: profession, job, or vocation. Another word that falls in line with those types of words is: trade. A trade is: "the business or work in which one engages regularly".

The first part gave us "Mark"; the second part gave us "trade".

Putting it together: "the object of Twain's attention" = "Mark's trade".

Notorious for picking those words off that building...

Big shout out to Fenix for being the one to put this right in my face

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1 Comment

Jul 16, 2021

Nice blog Chris. As you point out, Trade Mark is the perfect answer to our riddle - object of Twain's attention. Object of attention clicked for me a while ago in the same manner, using a thesaurus. Unfortunately, I was stuck on GGP looking for Mark's profession and Cervantes was as close as I could come. Then came the month breakthrough, which gave reason to look at Union/Marriage. Interestingly enough all synonyms in the thesaurus point to profession/career/specialty - trade. I honestly do not understand why people are unable to get past thinking object of attention is something which someone is fond of. However, I'll continue to hope a literary professional may utilize the proper definition of the phras…

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