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A Litany of Words

He's making a list. And checking it twice.

At the most basic level, what is a litany? Something which is repeated. Byron took the time to create one for The Secret. He even gave it, its own chapter. Every fairy...knew by heart the Litany of the Jewels. They must have repeated it often.

Why would Byron create a litany, something all the fair folk know from repeating it so often? Maybe it's a clue. You're shocked, right? Not just the Litany but also in the way it is presented as a Litany. Wonder and glory. We've all wondered but have we been curious enough to achieve glory?

So, how do we unlock the litany and why did Byron choose these often strange words. Chaste, perfect as the silver moon. Chaste - pure, virginal. Let's just start here. Any famous virgins? Madonna sang, Like a Virgin! Wait but that was in '84...hey a madonna is a representation of the Virgin Mary. I'm not a religious man but I study things and Catholics consider Mary perfect, like god. Wouldn't you know she's commonly depicted standing on a moon(often crescent) in art. If we search the Litany words throughout the book do we find any neat connections to other words around them? Imagine the fair folk repeated the Litany so often, they left a trail throughout the book. After all, the gems made the almost, in a word, human.

How about another strange one, A cloud of shining, shifting smoke. Let's do some searching.

Wind, or cloud...hmmm, wind shows up in our verses. Quebec???

Rainbows...arcs of light? I wonder if there is more about rainbows in the book.

Golden people? Lots of golden squares in the painting associated with the Opal

Five, like the verse?



There are several more instances you can search. What does your list look like? Anything interesting? Gonna find out who's naughty and nice!

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