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Big In Japan But Lost In Translation

Memories of you....Around my head like a Japanese freight train.....I'm really torn in respect to the Japanese version of The Secret. There are certain connections that I probably never would have made without the Japanese book but on the other hand, some of it seems to be, well...lost in translation.

From Phil Abbott's translation: One more thing. We got some special advice from Mr. Preese for our Japanese readers. That is to start by solving the pictures/paintings. To do so, you must decode the poem by solving the combinations of numbers that are in the poem. I've seen many people take this at face value. Digging into numbers throughout the verses. Is the better explanation not that this was simply lost in translation? If we switch the word picture for poem, we are now told, start by finding the latitude and longitude coordinates in the images. If you start there today or 38 years ago, you are on the right track. Now, let's assume for a moment that the Japanese translator did take some liberties or make mistakes. This begs the question are there more to be found? This brings me to A wingless bird. Let's jump back to Phil's translation, Wingless bird. If literally translated it would be "a bird without a wing", but as an "iron horse" implies a motorcycle, keep your mind flexible. This wingless bird can be easily spotted in Japan. I propose that implies a motorcycle may have been the translator's opinion and I will attempt to explain why. If you remove the motorcycle bit from the translation this clue becomes very interesting and quite relevant to the other clues in Verse 5/Image 9. The Iron Horse is a 1920's film about the first US transcontinental railroad.

But how about Canada? What was Canada's first transcontinental railroad? The CPR, which George Stephen was instrumental in building. Rue Drummond dead ends in front of Windsor Station. Or I should say, used to....The Bell Center now occupies a lot of the former train yard space. So could the wingless bird that ascended refer to the CPR or Lord Mount Stephen himself? You're probably asking yourself or have asked yourself, what about the immigration tie. Great Scot, lots of connections to the club and George Stephen but this is the Dutch puzzle! I provide you with this interesting tidbit. The CPR would have never have come to fruition and Stephen would never been the wealthiest individual in Canada without the initial buyout of the Dutch bond holders who controlled the land and partially built lines near the Manitoba border. This negotiation which Stephen financed through the Bank of Montreal in 1878 was a the critical catalyst for the eventual CPR and contributed enormously to his wealth. The CPR would likely never have came to be without the buyout of the Dutch bond holders.

Iron horse, iron horse...keep on burning on its course.... Oh, one last public service announcement for that cat throwing darts on the MSC lawn. Some unclear clue karma...inspires till...clarity opens lazy eyes. Hope you understand good sir.

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