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But What About the Kid Who Never Learned the Rules?

We're predetermined to believe our music was and is better than today's. I just happen to be correct. My music taste may be vast and somewhat eclectic but there's something about punk which will always hold a special place in my small blackened heart. When I think about it a bit deeper, it sort of define me as a human. How fucking cliche. All of my anthem albums seem to have been released in the '95 timeframe. This post was nearly about The Bouncing Souls, Maniacal Laughter or Diesel Boy's, Cock Rock. I still feel the positive energy those records brought me nearly 30 years ago. But if I had to pick a single punk album from that era, it's ...And Out Comes the Wolves from Rancid. There's something a bit deeper I've always seemed to identify with here. It's very real; no fantasy bs. Tim and Lars' vocals mingle seamlessly in a way you may not initially notice. Not a drop of hate from me for Time Bomb or Ruby Soho which attempted to bleed over to the mainstream. It was still different and true. This album really did teach me a lot about clawing my way out of bad situations while remain loyal to my core beliefs. I learned to despise and oppose conformity and corruption at a young age and it's still fairly easy to see in my day to day actions. I've passed up opportunities to take the easy/sleazy way to success in both The Secret and the real world. I've always understood challenging corrupt authority will put me in a negative light with the majority who want to break into those manipulative cliques. I'm still too punk to care and besides, why sell out for a bit of fake fame. You may not like my messaging but you need to hear the truth. This one goes out to those phony punks. Take off your masks and remember real friends call each other on their corrupt bs...And Out Come the Wolves!

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