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Girlie So Groovy, I Want You To Know

Yeah, the world could die in pain. And I wouldn't feel no shame. I've been trying meet,trying to figure out how to write about and pick an album from a band so dear to my core. The Pixies should have been the inaugural album post but, Hey! Where...have you...been? It feels like somehow The Pixies are my true Grateful Dead. I'm happy and content in their company and I rarely listen to anything but the live shows. I'm still not quite sure I can deal without Kim though. Hell, I'd have let her call me Mr. John Murphy till the age of 27. Most of you probably don't have a clue what I'm talking about. Lying there like you're tame. So enough of the studio album this time. Let's have a ball. Click a pic for some live muzak. Don't know about you but I am un...

Makes you wanna feel. Makes you wanna try. Makes you wanna blow the stars from the sky. Music - The Pixies - Head On

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03 paź 2023

Dear Fenix, I've been trying to figure out how I could possibly comment on this post. I considered just PMing you, but I like sharing music and that's what you're doing, so fuck it let's go! I cannot believe I've missed out on Pixies for like, my entire life. I'm kinda ashamed to admit I spent a previous lifetime without crossing paths. Enough so that I asked myself... Where... have I... been? I took 3 (now it's 4-5) days to listen to all of the live muzak Pixies shows you shared. I can't get enough. I want 'em tattooed on my arms and injected into my veins. That's probably too much. LOL I'll edit this post tomorrow (or not). I understand how to read…

08 paź 2023
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It is time for Stormy Weather.

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