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Guess what?

So JJP put a very identifiable silhouette of the top of Milwaukee city hall in the Milwaukee image.

But he also added this weird unidentifiable silhouette.

Got me thinking... it can't be something we're supposed to match from afar. It's not nearly as detailed and unique as the City Hall. It must be obscured for a reason.

Or maybe it's just obscured because it's incomplete?

So ya, if it is indeed a silhouette of something that's just been truncated, maybe we'll recognize it once on site. What else has he done in 2D outline in the past? End point markers, you say? Seems on brand!

What if we silhouette one of those lions everyone's talking about. You know... the ones with that single back paw? ...that southern foot where the treasure waits? (Ya!)

Now let's take anything below the lion's podium straight to the ground a la city hall's 'only-the-top-matters' silhouette and crop it so we're only looking at the important back leg part.

What are we looking to dig up at the base of that southern foot again?

A key?


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2 commentaires

04 août 2021

Pretty cool stuff. Especially since we know these must include image matches and famous people. ;)


Jim Schnyder
Jim Schnyder
02 août 2021

That does seem on brand. Nice one!

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