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Happy Holidays

I wanted to take a moment to wish those of you who lend me your time and read this blog, a happy holiday season. It matters none to me what your religion or lack there of may be or what you choose to celebrate. I wish you all the best. It's already been an exciting December and I'm on the verge of checking out to be with those closest to me for the rest of the year.

The Xavier Marx team has released yet another clue to keep our brains foggy. I just want to know if I solved the damn Eisenberg clue, already! Regardless, it's been one hell of a social experiment. And how about this Canadian rockstar, Beau Mark, who apparently found another legeater somewhere in Montreal? Huge props and congratulations to you sir. Very cool, whether relevant to the hunt or not! Also, sorry you had to endure the public shaming King George reigned down upon you while perched high above us in his golden throne. He has a painting!!! How dare you not release the precise location of this find? Afterall, he was only attempting to induct you into The Secret Hall of Fame. I'll wrap with song lyrics, "like a high school girl"(I get shivers even repeating this comment. Do I need a fancy red hat, AK-47, and mug full of ignorance?), for a very special Secret conspiracy couple. Merry Christmas, I don't want to fight tonight.

Till next year...maybe!

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