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Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit

I've been wanting to kick this off for quite some time. A monthly blog sharing an album which had a significant impact on me, society, music in general, or anything really. With a little luck and hopefully a little help from my friends, we will end up with three per month. In the spirit of pride and all the controversy/conflict surrounding individual rights I've chosen Le Tigre's 1999 self titled album. Now, I've always been a huge Kathleen Hanna fan but that was Bikini Kill through and through. Leading the Riot Grrrl movement, responsible for Nirvana's most identifiable song title, and popping up on NOFX albums...I could never avoid Hanna and have always had the greatest respect for her voice.(not just musically)

My intro to Le Tigre came during the late 2000's in a Betsey Johnson boutique in downtown Montreal. It was fitting as I was with my partner(the strongest most independent woman I know) who was shopping for a dress. There were two young sales associates in the store blasting the album, singing, dancing and just having fun. The music was infectious. You were going to feel it, regardless of your opinion. It was punk but different. Political as fuck with this electronic backdrop that I wouldn't normally be into. The vocals were so familiar but the arrangements were a puzzle which masked something so close to me. As we checked out and were leaving, I asked one of the SA's who the band was...he smiled at me and said, Le Tigre! The band's journey hasn't come without controversy. They faced heavy criticism for performing at a Michigan music festival which appeared to have an underlying womyn-born womyn stance. I suppose it was before JD Sampson joined the band but it still seems slightly ironic for a band who chose to sign with Mr. Lady Records. For me, The the Empty will always have a spot in my list of favorite songs. But, what's your take on Le Tigre?

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