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Ooohhh Baby

People are talking about Coney Island again.

But one item just off Surf Ave doesn't get a whole lot of attention...

What makes a moon a half moon?

It's in shadow of course.

Add a 5 block proximity to a timeless classic windows image match on 23rd street--a numerical 'or more' folks just can't let go of--

and this wildly coincidental image caption depicting a literal red rectangle outline,

(I honestly did not fabricate that caption. It's the title of the article that this image went with. But no, I don't seriously believe this is source material.)

And the Half Moon Hotel is looking pretty darn ok at a glance.

...but wait. Looks like in the 1950's it became the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center. Imagine...

"where would daddy hide treasure?"

"At grandma's house!"

[the above hypothetical was pure conjecture. I have zero evidence for this.]

she's a rose, she's a pearl... the moon in the mist to me.

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1 Comment

Aug 31, 2021

Only just starting to take casual looks at NY and SanFran because of the interesting shtuff you guys share. This is interesting stuff.

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