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Ooohhh Baby

I'd like to send this one out to Lou and Rachel

And all the kids at P.S. 192

People are talking about Coney Island again.

But one item just off Surf Ave doesn't get a whole lot of attention...

What makes a moon a half moon?

It's in shadow of course.

Add a 5 block proximity to a timeless classic windows image match on 23rd street--a numerical 'or more' folks just can't let go of--

and this wildly coincidental image caption depicting a literal red rectangle outline,

(I honestly did not fabricate that caption. It's the title of the article that this image went with. But no, I don't seriously believe this is source material.)

And the Half Moon Hotel is looking pretty darn ok at a glance.

...but wait. Looks like in the 1950's it became the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center. Imagine...

"where would daddy hide treasure?"

"At grandma's house!"

[the above hypothetical was pure conjecture. I have zero evidence for this.]

she's a rose, she's a pearl... the moon in the mist to me.

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