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The Giant Leap Was Fire, Son

Cowards, here's the sun. So bow your heads. In the absence of bombs. Draw your breath.

Often times, in pursuit, we don't find what we are looking for but instead what we need. My Secret journey has certainly been a very long, strange trip. I've found nearly everything aside from what I've been looking for. Friendship and fraud. Intelligence and ignorance. I've done a bit of good and double the bad. Learned from puzzling mistakes and puzzled, learned from mistakes in judgement. Seen new faces come and old ones go far too soon. Most important of all, I've seen a boy grow into a man.

My son was with me the first time I saw the legeater in 2006. He was two years old! He was with me when the granite FB Walls cornerstone clicked into place(even if I'm using the wrong verse). Most recently, he was by my side while I was determined to unearth the San Francisco casque. I walked with him down California. We viewed the replicas of Gh-what's his name's Gates of Paradise and looked up to the aerial just overhead at the highest point atop the hill. We admired Leland's Cardinal chancery. Heard the bells of the cable cars ring. Mark my words, we confirmed a definition and stood at attention for the man who ran the North. All while admiring the cross atop Lincoln's yin/po. We could almost smell victory as the sun reflected off of a silvery moonlike surface and sparkled from its rose granite base. Like a clock, I watched its six, just feet from the sixth president. I dug, cut through root upon root, while considering how proud Pearl would have been of her son, Byron, for this masterful tribute. Then it hit me, like the weight of eleven arrows from Apollo...the I looked to my son sitting bored and completely uninterested on the base of the monument. Watching his father dig a hole in this new, exciting city he wanted to explore. It was only then I did the polar opposite of what I'd anticipated. I filled my hole and took the most giant of steps. A kind leap it was for this man. I wouldn't trade it for any pottery in the monde. Never had no chance (nowhere to hide) Spitting off the edge of the world (out comes the sun)

Music - Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Perfume Genius - Spitting Off the Edge of the World

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